More before + after goodness comin' atcha! 
This project is without a doubt one of my favorites. The transformation is just SO good. We had such a lucky surprise when we pulled up the blue shag carpet to find the original oak floors underneath, and while they were in less than perfect shape, I think keeping them was the right choice! We also decided to vault the ceiling in the living room and kitchen area (more in-depth post coming on that soon), which totally transformed the space making it feel more airy and open. We completely re-worked the hall and master bathroom, taking some space from the hall bath and devoting it to the master bath, which ended up working perfectly, because who wants a tiny master bathroom? I'm so happy with how this project turned out! Enjoy!

::kitchen before::

::kitchen after:: 

::living room before::

::living room after::

::dining area before::

::dining area after::

::kid's room before::

::Kid's room after::

::guest bedroom before::

::guest bedroom after::

::master bedroom before::

::Master bedroom after::

::master bath before::

::master bath after::

::hall bath before:: 

::hall bath after::

::exterior before::

::exterior after::

Photos by Amber Thrane


Our staging dream team, Tiffany & Chelsea from Witty Rentals, came up with the brilliant idea to shoot a lifestyle video to showcase our finished projects. I was leery at first as I've seen a lot of really cheesy real estate videos (queue the corny elevator music), so I didn't immediately jump at the idea. Nevertheless, I combed the depths of the internet looking for one single decent real estate video and came up with exactly ZERO. I figured if we couldn't find one, we should definitely make one (possible business opp?) So Tiffany had the guys over at Essix Media shoot this super cute video, starring Tiffany and her adorable baby Hendrix. I was blown away by how well the video turned out and am considering doing it on all of our future projects. They kept the video short and sweet, showing the house and how it lives in real life. I think it's a great way to showcase a project with real people going about their day. Thoughts? Should we do this on all of our future projects? 


Hey guys!

This is my very first blog post, and I know how much everyone loves before + afters so I figured I would do a before + after post on this project, especially since the transformation is so dramatic! It's still shocking to me to look at the before pictures and think about how much work went into this project. The house and barn were in terrible condition, the yard was full of trash (we removed 16 TONS of trash, not including an RV that was flipped on its side and an old boat), so it was easily one of the most challenging projects we've ever undertaken. Enjoy! 













Photos by Amber Thrane