SHELTER is a husband/wife real estate duo designing and selling homes in some of San Diego’s freshest neighborhoods.

They transform funky vacant ramblers into highly curated spaces that are beautiful, functional and timeless - built to last as their clients’ forever homes. Simply put, people deserve good design regardless of budget or destination. From 1950’s bungalows to mid-century modern pads, they deliver the California dream to 1st, 2nd or even 3rd time home buyers, working within spaces and neighborhoods as unique as the individuals that call a Shelter house their home. Ten years deep, they’ve seen it all - the bad, the rad, the nightmare scenarios that keep them on the constant hunt for the next tired home begging for new life.

With backgrounds stemming from large institutional real estate funds, Ryan managing acquisitions, and Lauren managing construction and design, they brought their expertise together to form Shelter. While they spend tireless hours reengineering spaces, often knee deep in demoed interiors, they are most at home on their hobby permaculture farm in Valley Center, horse riding, saddle stitching and training Hank, their mini English Bull Terrier, how to herd chickens.